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Learning to code offers designers many advantages.

According to a 2015 survey, 38% of designers surveyed used HTML/CSS as their primary tool for prototyping (the closest competitor received only 18% of the vote).

In addition to prototyping, learning to code helps designers…

  • Create a common language between designers and developers
  • Ensure the creative vision is carried through from concept to execution
  • Reduce the number of mock-ups generated
  • Explore new technologies

… and let's not forget, that it dramatically increases the number of job opportunities available to designers.

The problem is learning to code isn’t easy.

In today’s web, knowing HTML and CSS is just the start. Turning a mock-up into working code often takes no less than 4 different programming languages working together, in a Beethoven-esque symphony.

There are many great tutorials available that focus on individual programming languages. However, they often leave out the additional skills that are necessary to help move from their example to your real project.

I'm here to help.

For the last 6 years, I've been helping others learn user experience and coding skills. During that time, I've mentored designers at coding boot camps, spoken in college classrooms, meet one-on-one with children in STEM programs, spoken at tech conferences, and created a 10-week board game design course that I used to teach teens at a Chicago-based media-arts non-profit basic UX skills.

One of the most impactful opportunities I've had to help others was by being a guest speaker for Citizen Schools. Through the program, I had the opportunity to go into a classroom on the Southside of Chicago and teach kids about design and technology.

While I was speaking in the classroom, I realized the difference I could make in someone's life. By exposing them to new ideas, giving them an opportunity to explore, and providing them with support and encouragement along the way -- I could make an impact that would last.

As a mentor for other designers, I've seen the difference that can be made in someone's journey to learn code by following the same steps.

There is so much power in being able to use your creativity to make something from nothing. I want to share that ability with the world and empower more designers to create things for themselves.

That's why I'm creating Code for Designers. My goal is to inspire you to make the web a more interesting place.

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